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  • Alex Heath

    Alex Heath

    Reporter for The Information, covering Facebook and its competition. Previously at Cheddar, Business Insider.

  • Michelle Castillo

    Michelle Castillo

    Michelle Castillo is a senior reporter at Cheddar, covering advertising and media during the digital age.

  • Tanaya Macheel

    Tanaya Macheel

    Reporter for Cheddar covering financial services and the future of money.

  • David Kaufman

    David Kaufman

    Editor, writer, father, husband hummus-lover and ex-Cali guy living in NYC.

  • Eulerity


    Artificially Intelligent Software Meets Local Businesses Everywhere.

  • Scott Monty

    Scott Monty

    Strategic communications & leadership advisor and speaker. I build better leaders, communicators & humans. #TimelessLeadership More: http://linktr.ee/scottmonty

  • Andrew Weissman

    Andrew Weissman

  • Alex Cohen

    Alex Cohen

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